Post Production

Post Production

The importance of post-production needs to be mentioned here first
Once your event is over you can still gain press coverage, distribute videos of the day, and create corporate videos to showcase your event. We can help you with post-production by providing PR and press release services, video editing services, and with the creation of corporate videos that contain brand content.

We will also be able to establish whether your event was a success by sending out surveys and gaining valuable feedback that will enable you to identify the effectiveness of your event.

At Flagship Events we can also assist you with billing and reconciliations, as well as tax invoices and VAT. This way you’ll know there’s nothing outstanding and you don’t have to worry about unexpected bills when the event is over.

Our post production Expertise Includes:

  • Finished Photos & Personalised Albums
  • Video Editing
  • Corporate Videos
  • Experiential Videos
  • Branded Content Videos
  • Videos Compliant With All Social Media Specifications
  • Press Release Content Writing
  • PR Services
  • Surveys & Attendees Feedback, Attendee Experience Design
  • Post Event Reports & Analysis- Budget, Reach, Attendance, Footfall, Achievement V/S Target, Achievement V/S Forecast, ROI Etc.
  • Billing & Reconciliations
  • Tax Invoices & VAT

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