VIP, Celebrity & Speaker Management

VIP, Celebrity & Speaker Management

For events which require star attraction and high press coverage you can use our VIP, celebrity, and speaker management services. We can book celebrities for your event and arrange celebrity interviews to get your event in the press, social media, or on the radio.

If you need brand ambassadors, social influencers, chief guests, royal patronage, and the handling of VIPs. this is no problem. Our experienced team are happy to help you select and book the type of high profile guest you are looking for,which will bring attention to your event.

Additionally, if you need a chief guest speech or a key speaker to captivate your audience and get your message across, we can arrange this for you.

Our VIP, Celebrity & Speaker Management Expertise Includes:

  • Celebrities & Stars- selection & booking
  • Sporting Celebrities- selection & booking
  • Brand Ambassadors- selection & booking
  • Influencers- selection, booking & social media engagement
  • Celebrity interviews – press, radio, social media etc.
  • Applying & Obtaining VIP/Royal Patronage
  • Chief Guest/ Guest of Honor invitation & management
  • VIP invitations & RSVP handling
  • VIP Protocol & Concierge services
  • VIP Majilis- design, seating & set up
  • Speaker selection, booking, engagement & management
  • Script Writing-Keynote Speeches
  • Travel & Hospitality

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